Ready to LEAD with INTENTION

and LIVE for IMPACT?

Discover your purpose

So You Can Lead with Intention and Live for Impact

Even if your days are filled to the brim and you have a lot of people depending on you!

The daily life of a high-performance leader is filled with

responsibility and pressure.

Days, weeks, months… even years can go by, you responding and reacting to every crisis, problem, or need that gets thrown your way.

In the meantime, you keep sacrificing the basics.

You keep focusing on everything else. Everyone else.

You continue to neglect your own needs.

Your own wellness. Your own fulfillment.

You tell yourself that someday it’ll all come together and you’ll finally feel like you’re making the difference you want to make.

Bad news!

That day doesn’t come if you are just waiting for it to happen.

This isn’t a “you” problem by the way. This is quite normal and across the board, and there’s really one simple reason why:

Successful leaders need coaches…

Just like every successful businessman, athlete, musician, and competitor.

And to bring clarity to your leadership and fulfillment to your life, there’s a bit of work needed. It’s not hard, but it is layered...and your annual plan isn’t going to work.

You need a personal mission

and purpose plan.

Imagine being able to say NO to all of the things that take away from what you care about most.

Imagine being able to say YES to all of the things that

bring you fulfillment.

Imagine having someone who can help you bring all of the pieces together, and ensure you can focus your energy on the right things and the right people!

My name is Micah, and I’m dedicated to helping you find your purpose...

so you can make an outrageous impact as a leader.

The work I do with leaders like yourself is called

In Pursuit of More

An eight-week 1:1 personal journey to discovering your purpose and increasing your impact as a leader.

Here’s how it works:



Once onboarding is complete, our first three assignments together will focus on assessing your passions, your principles, and your God-given purpose.

By the time we’re ready for our next step, you will have unwavering confidence in what drives you, what success looks like to you, and what lights you up (the stuff you can do every day and never tire of!)

Come away understanding your:

  • Passion: What excites you, what drives you, what makes you happy

  • Principles: How you function + what makes you tick

  • Purpose: Ideals, goals, and what success looks like to you


PHASE two:

Next, we go through three areas of every person’s life - their personal world, their professional world, and their public life (this is your legacy).

We’ll take the results from the first phase and practically implement them into all areas of your life.

Come away with practical goals for the following three areas of life:

  • Personal: Faith, family, fitness, and finances

  • Professional: Education, employment, and entrepreneurship

  • Public: Volunteerism, philanthropy, civic engagement

Each session is a structured combination of teaching, journaling (with a corresponding workbook), reflection, and planning.

We’ll plan out each session, through a weekly Zoom call, at a time that meets your busy schedule. Each week will have also have some homework guided by your workbook to prepare for the sessions.

wondering if this

program is for you?

I currently offer In Pursuit of More to high achieving faith-based people who are…

Highly successful leaders pursuing more

fulfillment in their

service to others

Military leaders transitioning from active duty looking to continue their legacy of service


non-profit leaders pursuing more

financial independence

Aspiring entrepreneurs finally ready to launch their business with confidence and clarity

Everyday leaders recovering


failure, trauma or crisis -- pursuing their purpose in life


In addition to all that,

I also offer these extras to my 1:1 clients:

Unlimited email + texting support


Catalog of legacy and impact ideas for personal, professional, and public life


Accountability 60 days check-in call (after the program is complete)


Are you the next impact-driven leader I get to work with?

Let’s find out!

I'm taking on a few new clients each month for my Pursuit of More program.

I’d love to see what you’re up to and if I’m the right coach for you. I have a few questions, and then we can set up a call to make sure I’m answering all your questions as well!

Leadership Coach and Skilled Communicator


About Micah Maxwell:

Micah Maxwell is the founder of DiamondCrest International.

Over several decades, he has guided thousands of leaders to find purpose and meaning in their personal and professional lives.

He helps leaders who want more out of life but don’t know how to get it by finding a purpose that empowers them to create real impact in the world around them.

Micah has spent more than 25 years training and developing leaders through his experience in executive leadership, military service and corporate training and consulting.

Micah is an alumnus of Ball State University with a degree in Organizational Communication. He has received numerous awards, including the Inaugural Governor's Award for Tomorrow's Leaders, Graduate of the Last Decade (G.O.L.D.) from Ball State University, and Distinguished Alumnus for the Department of Communication in the College of Communication, Information and Media at Ball State University.

Micah is happiest in front of a group of aspiring leaders, helping them discover their purpose and define their legacy. In fact, his personal mission is to help equip, encourage and empower leaders to better their lives, their influences and their communities.